MANTS 2018

January 10 - 12, 2018
Baltimore Convention Center

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Speaker List for 2017 

Mr. Steve Black
MNLGA President, Raemelton Farm

Steve Black is Owner and Operator of Raemelton Farm, Adamstown Md. Raemelton Farm produces caliper B&B trees and shrubs for the Mid-Atlantic  and Northeastern markets.  Steve started the farm in 2004 .  Raemelton makes use the latest in drip irrigation, Integrated Pest Management,  soil conservation practices, and improved plant selections.  In addition to farming, Steve is President of the MNLGA. Prior to entering the Green Industry,  Steve  was involved in International Affairs and arms control verification.  He holds a BS in Public Policy, an MS in Public and International Affairs, served as a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, and is certified to write his own Nutrient Management Plans.

Mr. Ray Bosmans
University of Maryland - Professor Emeritus

Ray is Professor Emeritus with the University of Maryland, College of Agriculture.  He has served 32 years with Extension specializing in Horticulture, Landscaping and Aquatic Gardening.  Ray provided advice and training to landscapers and community groups on landscape and storm water ponds.
Ray retired in 2003 as the Regional Director for Region I of University MD Extension.  He is still very much involved with the University of MD, and has served as President of the College’s Alumni Chapter as well as on the Board of Governors for the University of MD.
He currently teaches three evening Horticulture courses as an Adjunct Faculty, since 1981, at Howard Community College. Ray also teaches an Aquatic Gardening course at Montgomery Community College. In addition to teaching, he serves as the President of the Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society.  Ray enjoys the opportunity to speak at several conferences each year on the subject of aquatics as well as about native reptiles.

Dr. Mark Carroll
University of Maryland

Mark Carroll is an Associate Professor within the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland. Dr. Carroll’s research program focuses on examining the fate and transport of chemicals applied to turf and the development of low input sustainable turfgrass systems. He has authored and co-authored more than 80 scientific, technical and popular articles in turfgrass management. Mark also teaches sophomore and senior level courses in turfgrass management and serves as the undergraduate advisor to all Turf and Golf Course Management students at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Dave Clement
University of Maryland Extension

Dr. David Clement has served for the past 28 years as a statewide field-based extension specialist in plant pathology.  He focuses on teaching how to diagnose and manage plant diseases through IPM strategies. He sets up applied field research and publishes and delivers educational programs to the general public, Master Gardeners, Extension faculty, and the Green Industry across the state of Maryland.  Dr. Clement collaborates with the faculty and staff at the University of Maryland Extension’s Home and Garden Information Center to deliver educational materials on plant diseases through traditional methods as well as electronic media.

Dr. Adam Dale
University of Florida

Dr. Adam Dale is an Assistant Professor and State Extension Specialist at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. He was previously at NC State University in Raleigh, NC, where he conducted research on urban trees and their insect pests. Currently, Adam conducts research on urban landscape plants including turfgrass and ornamentals in Florida and the Southeastern U.S. His research and Extension programs focus on developing cultural management strategies that reduce pest abundance and increase plant health by investigating the interactions between plants, insects, and their surrounding environment.

Mr. Norm Dart
Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Ms. Margery Daughtrey
Cornell University

Margery Daughtrey is a Senior Extension Associate with the Section of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology of Cornell University. She has conducted a research and extension program on the management of diseases of ornamental plants since 1978, at Cornell’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center in Riverhead, NY. She educates growers on management of greenhouse and nursery crop diseases, runs a diagnostic laboratory and investigates controls for problems such as powdery mildew, impatiens downy mildew and boxwood blight. Daughtrey holds a B.S. degree in Biology from the College of William and Mary and an M.S. in Plant Pathology from the University of Massachusetts. Daughtrey is coauthor of several books, including Diseases of Herbaceous Perennials and the Compendium of Flowering Potted Plant Diseases. She was named a Fellow of APS in 2012.

Ms. Joan Feely
U.S. National Arboretum

Joan Feely is the Curator/Horticulturist in charge of the Fern Valley Native Plant Collection and the Dogwood Collection at the U.S. National Arboretum, where she has worked since 1986.  She is the convener of the Lahr Symposium, an annual event dedicated to the topic of native plants in horticulture, landscape design, and in nature. She is particularly looking forward to the completion of the Springhouse Run stream restoration at the Arboretum, for which approximately 60 species of local natives have been propagated from locally collected seed.
Dr. Tom Fernandez
Michigan State University

Tom’s current research and extension program focus areas are on water quality and management, container substrate properties and nutrition, biodegradable plastics, and analyzing production costs. He is particularly interested in new technology for horticulture, both for research and industry use. Along with water quality research, he is investigating the use of RFID to facilitate precision agriculture practices for container production. He teaches Nursery Management (HRT 310), a junior level course at MSU and began teaching Landscape Plant Identification (HRT 211) in the Fall 2012 semester. Tom has delivered over 200 presentations for scientific and industry audiences within Michigan, nationally and internationally and have over 160 scientific, extension and trade journal publications. He works primarily with the ornamental nursery industry but has also worked with the greenhouse, fruit, vegetable, and Christmas tree industries related to water quality and irrigation management. His interest in horticulture arose from working in his family ornamental greenhouse/nursery business. He worked for 8 years in the business participating in all aspects from greenhouse construction to plant production.

Mr. Stanton Gill
University of Maryland Extension

Stanton A. Gill is a tenured faculty of the University of Maryland Extension with a rank of principal Agent/Full professor. His faculty position is to work with the greenhouse, nursery and landscape industry in Maryland in the adoption of IPM practices. Stanton is a professor in the Landscape Technology Program at Montgomery College where he teaches two, 3 credit classes per year. He is the CEO and CFO of MacBride and Gill Falcon Ridge Farm, LLC , a 75 acre, three farm operation, that specializes in specialty fruit. Stanton works with the commercial horticulture industry in Maryland to improve IPM and entomology skills. He conducts funded field trials to evaluate low risk pesticides and biological control for the nursery (woody and herbaceous perennial industry), greenhouses, cut flower operations,  arborist, landscape management companies and city foresters. 

Mr. Ray Greenstreet
Greenstreet Growers

Mr. Edmund Gregan
Carlton Plants

Ed Gregan grew up in the nursery industry. His father was the Chief Landscape Architect for the city of New Haven for many years. At an early age Ed traveled with his father touring nurseries throughout New England, New York and the Mid-Atlantic. He followed in his father’s footsteps and attended The Rhode Island School of Design for Landscape Architecture.  Ed has worked in The Hamptons on Long Island and throughout CT designing and installing landscapes; written a weekly garden column and has written several articles for Fine Gardening Magazine. He has managed, bought and sold for Gardens Centers and Nurseries and has traveled throughout North America and the British Iles visiting nurseries, retail garden centers and gardens. Ed is employed by Carlton Plants, LLC from Dayton, OR as field representative covering the coastal Northeast.

Mr. Paul Hartnett
Pleasant View Gardens

Paul Hartnett is a Territory Sales Manager for Pleasant View Gardens. Pleasant View Gardens is a leading supplier of Proven Winner liners and finished plants to the greenhouse industry. Prior to working with Pleasant View Gardens Paul worked in the greenhouse industry as a sales broker and sales manager. Paul has a degree in Environmental Design from the University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from Delaware Valley College in Food and Agribusiness. His efforts are concentrated on enhancing his customers’ business operations and profits.

Mr. Rob Hofstetter
Maryland Department of Agriculture

Rob was born and raised on a small farm in Pennsylvania.  Graduated from Delaware Valley College (now University) with a B.S. in Horticulture.  He has been with MDA’s Pesticide Regulation Section for 16 years and currently coordinates the Section’s Enforcement Program.   Rob also is responsible for the Water Quality, Worker Safety and Endangered Species Programs. 
Mr. Brett Karp
Griffin GHSE Supply

Brett has been working as a Sales Rep for Griffin GHSE Supply covering MD, DE and Southern NJ. Prior to getting into sales he was the Head Grower for Johnsons Florist and Garden Centers. He grew up working in greenhouses while in high school and then attending the University of MD. 

Mr. Sean Kauffman
Baltimore Ravens

Sean has spent 17 years working in the NFL.  His career with the organization began in 2000 as the assistant grounds keeper for the Baltimore Ravens. In 2005 he became Field Supervisor for the Carolina Panthers and returned to the Ravens later that year. Since then he has been with the Ravens organization and is now Senior Manager of the Fields and Grounds at M&T Bank Stadium. Sean graduated with a BS from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Mr. Ko Klaver
Botanical Trading Co.

Ko Klaver is a Horticultural Product & Services provider who spends most of his time implementing new and exciting Flowerbulb & Perennial programs in the North American market through custom developed branding and merchandising lines.

Ko grew up on a flower bulb production farm in The Netherlands, and attended the Horticultural ‘Clusius College’ in Hoorn, The Netherlands. After his second year of college (1988) he signed up on a student work exchange program through Future Farmers of America. During the exchange student period he quickly became the head grower for Pettengill Farms in Salisbury, Massachusetts for the 2-years he was there, growing cut flowers from annuals, perennials and flowerbulbs mostly in field and high tunnel (coldframe) production.

In 1990 he became the mid-Atlantic sales representative for Plants International, which ultimately merged into Van Bloem Gardens, selling flowerbulb & perennials to garden centers and nurseries for pot production & retailing and helped develop the Van Bloem Gardens Flowerbulb & Perennial retail-line for the Independent Garden Centers.

Since January 2001 he has focused back into the professional growing aspect, consulting and providing Horticultural products & services to cut flower growers and potted plant growers in the greenhouse and field production. Ko has been instrumental in introducing and implementing the ‘Lily-Looks’ pot-lilies in North America, which are also known as the Asiatic Tiny & Oriental Sunny Series. Spending most of his time traveling all over the country advising growers on how to produce the best quality crops for their market he has gained valuable insight on how the Floriculture market has developed over the last 10+ years. Previously Ko has served on the ASCFG board as their Industry Liaison. (Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers) and also was one of the brains behind the ‘Lilytopia’ genus ‘Lilium’ promotional event held at the prestigious Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA in May 2011 & 2012. In addition he is working closely with the Alaska Peony Growers Association in developing & defining their Alaska Grown peony cut flower vision by serving on their board as Industry Liaison. Currently he is also involved with the ‘American Grown’ Cut Flower initiative to promote domestic growing.

Ko resides in Beltsville Maryland where he and his wife Donna have been living for 25 years, and are raising their 4 young boys in the Metropolitan Washington DC region.

Mr. Brian Kunkel
University of Delaware Extension

Brian received his Bachelor's in General Biology from Northern Kentucky University and his Master's at the University of Kentucky. His project focused on non-target effects of two new compounds, imidacloprid and halofenozide in turfgrass. His doctoral project was with Dr. Parwinder Grewal at The Ohio State University and examined multi-trophic between endophyte infected perennial ryegrass, black cutworms, and entompathogenic nematodes. After graduation he became a research scientist in the south region for TruGreen Chemlawn, just prior to his post-doctorate work with the USDA-ARS at the Small Fruit and Tree Nut Laboratory in Byron Georgia. His projects with the USDA were with entomopathogenic nematode infection dynamics, mating disruption of lesser peachtree borer and conservation biological control of the pecan aphid complex. He started working for the University of Delaware as the ornamentals IPM extension specialist in 2006. Some of the arthropods he’s studied include spruce spider mites, boxwood leaf miners, armored scale (various species), thrips, Japanese beetles, root aphids and mealybugs, brown marmorated stink bugs and redheaded flea beetles.

Dr. Joyce Latimer
Virginia Tech

Joyce Latimer is a Professor of Horticulture and Extension Specialist for Greenhouse Crops with Virginia Cooperative Extension. She is based in Blacksburg, Virginia. Joyce has been evaluating plant growth regulators (PGRs) on herbaceous perennials for over 25 years. Her passion is improving plant quality and ease of production for producers while improving the quality of these plants for the home garden. Joyce earned her Bachelors in Horticulture from Virginia Tech and a Masters and Doctorate in Horticulture from Purdue University. She was recently awarded the 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award, from the Virginia Association of Agricultural Extension Agents. She is a current Educational Advisor for the Virginia Flower Growers Association.

Dr. John Lea-Cox
University of Maryland

John Lea-Cox is a Professor and Research and Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland, College Park. He teaches courses in Principles of Water and Nutrient Management, Greenhouse Crop Production and co-teaches Sustainable Seminar courses.  His research and extension programs are focused primarily on providing people with real-time information from their own operations, so they can make more rational, economic decisions about their everyday production practices.

Dr. Paul Leisnham
University of Maryland

Dr. Paul Leisnham is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Maryland. His research focuses on two overlapping dimensions of coupled human-natural environment systems: 1. Ecology and management of medically important mosquitoes, and 2. Socio-ecological determinants of watershed health. He addresses  questions that are relevant to a range of disciplines, including global change biology, watershed management, integrated pest management, population and community ecology, and public health. Dr. Leisnham’s interdisciplinary approach is grounded within the emerging discipline of Ecology and Health (or EcoHealth), and he collaborates with numerous researchers, extension professionals, and community partners on projects funded by state and federal grants in the United States, including those from the National Science Foundation, Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Ms. Rebecca Lusk
Dummen Orange

Rebecca Lusk is the Regional Sales Manager for Dummen Orange with responsibilities for business planning & development, as well as, account management in sales. She also serves as a director on the board for the National Garden Bureau and is chair for the membership committee for this organization. Notable is her over 14 years of employment with Dummen Orange. 

Dr. Hannah Mathers
Mathers Environmental Science Service, LLC

Hannah Mathers is currently an independent horticulture researcher, consultant and expert witness in nursery and landscape. From 2000-2014 she was a professor at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Since 2015, she has been the owner of her own business Mathers Environmental Science Services (MESS), LLC.  Hannah works with chemical companies, growers, landscapers, IR-4, associations and funding agencies across the US and Canada. Hannah is a recognized national speaker and writer and is best known for her research in bio-rational, conventional, and alternative weed control in nursery crops and landscapes.

Ms. Judy McGowan
Maryland Department of Agriculture

Mr. Josh Nadler
Bartlett Tree Experts

Collectively, between Josh’s education and his work history he has been in the tree care industry for over 18 years. Josh has earned a B.S. in Plant Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a M.S. in Plant Science with an emphasis in Tree Breeding and Genetics at University of Maryland – College Park. Josh is also an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and Licensed Maryland Tree Expert. Josh networks and gives back to the community by serving on the board of PGMS as the Vice President of the DC Branch. For 6 years Josh was the Campus Arborist at UMD. Josh enjoys representing Bartlett Tree Experts by specializing in Plant Health Care needs within the areas of Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Garrett Park, Germantown and Kensington. Josh has a patent and registered trademark on a tree that is commercially available in the trade. Josh loves spending time outdoors and spending time with his 2 young sons and his lovely wife.

Dr. Cari Peters
JR Peters Inc.

Cari Peters Raymond is Vice President at her family’s company, J.R.Peters Inc. She is proud to be the 3rd generation of Peters at the company, following both her Father and Grandfather, who introduced the original Peters fertilizers over 70 years ago.
She received her Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, M.S in Agronomy from the Univ. of Maryland and her B.S. in Biology from the Univ. of Delaware.
At J.R. Peters, Cari heads the research and development team in order to bring new fertilizer formulas to the horticultural industry. She manages the active, onsite J.R. Peters Laboratory as well as provides technical support to growers using the lab or Jack’s products. Cari’s vision for Jack’s fertilizers include constantly looking for ways to help growers feed their plants more efficiently by using the most innovative nutrient sources. 

Dr. Karen Rane
UMD Plant Diagnostic Laboratory

Karen Rane is a plant pathologist with more than 20 years of experience in ornamental plant problem diagnosis. Karen has authored numerous articles and conducted workshops on ornamental plant disease diagnosis and management for growers and extension educators.

Ms. Dana Rhodes
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Dana D. Rhodes is the Plant Health Program Manager and serves as the State Plant Regulatory Official for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  She has over 27 years of experience in the horticultural field.  Eight of those years have been with the Department of Ag with regulatory responsibilities.  Dana has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology emphasis in Botany and Environmental studies.  Work with the department of agriculture currently includes quarantine pest issues, nursery/greenhouse certification programs, and inspections.  Dana also works closely with the National Plant Board on the Systems Approach to Nursery Certification (SANC) program, a new national initiative partnering with AmericanHort and USDA for production of healthy plants for planting.
Dr. Andrew Ristvey
University of Maryland Extension

Dr. Andrew Ristvey is the University of Maryland Extension, Extension Specialist for Commercial Horticulture at Wye Research and Education Center at Queenstown, MD and affiliate faculty with the Plant Science and Landscape Architecture Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. He earned his Doctorate in Horticulture in 2004 after 6 years of research on plant nutrition and nutrient dynamics in container nursery systems. Andrew’s present extension and research interests include sustainable nursery management and alternative crop production, specifically the fruit crop Aronia. He is also interested in green roof systems and media development as it relates to urban development and watershed conservation and protection.

Dr. Joe Roberts
University of Maryland

Joseph Roberts is an Assistant Professor in Turfgrass Pathology at the University of Maryland.  Dr. Roberts studied Biological Sciences and Chemistry as an undergraduate at NC State University before moving to Rutgers to pursue his M.S. degree studying Turfgrass Pathology.  He moved back to NC to complete his Ph.D. at NC State University and made the move to UMD in 2015.  Having worked in the turfgrass industry for over a decade, Dr. Roberts is now actively developing a research and extension program at the University of MD.

Mr. Robert Saunders
Saunders Brothers

Boxwood has been a part of Robert Saunders life since birth. His father, Paul, began the nursery in 1947 as a science project. Upon graduation from Virginia Tech in 1986, Robert joined the operation full time as sales manager, a position he served in for nearly 30 years. Today, Saunders Brothers field and container nursery covers over 250 acres and grows over 1,000 varieties of shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants, as well as, more than 20 varieties of boxwood, while testing nearly 100 others. Boxwood remains the signature plant for Saunders Brothers and are grown in both containers as well as in the field.
Saunders Brothers sells plants throughout the Mid-Atlantic from the Carolinas north to New England. Today, Robert serves as the General Manager for the company. He has spoken to numerous professional organizations, businesses, and special interest groups on boxwood variety selection and care. In addition, Saunders Brothers has become a leading authority on boxwood care, culture, and research. Robert is very involved in research that is focused on finding new varieties of boxwood that are tolerant or resistant to diseases and pests.

Ms. Judy Sharpton
Growing Places Marketing

Judy Sharpton is the owner of Growing Places Marketing. Since 1994, Growing Places Marketing has provided store development services exclusively for independent garden centers and farm markets with a focus on physical development, category development and branding. Judy writes for a number of industry publications and offers program content to trade groups and individual vendors through Growing Places’ Store School®. Judy tends a personal retreat garden at the edge of 85 acres of salt marsh near Savannah, GA. She enjoys hiking, boating and birding with her husband Buddy and their dog Dylan.

Mr. Ed Snodgrass
Emory Knoll Farms, Inc.

Edmund C. Snodgrass is president and founder of Emory Knoll Farms, Inc. and Green Roof Plants, North America’s first nursery specializing in green roof plants and horticultural consulting. Edmund has consulted on projects throughout the US and also in England, France, Sweden, New Zealand, China, Australia and Morocco. Since its inception, Emory Knoll Farms has supplied plants for over 1000 green roof projects throughout the United States and Canada. Edmund collaborates on green roof research with academic institutions including Penn State University, University of Melbourne, University of Maryland, University of Auckland, and Sheffield University. Edmund is on the board of the American Horticultural Society and a past board member of the Maryland Nursery Landscape and Greenhouse Association.
Mr. Michael Stachowicz
National Park Service

Michael has 25 years of experience in the turf and landscape construction field.  Projects have included golf course construction, master plan development and implementation, and construction of sustainable turf and soil systems.  His current project is the reconstruction of the Mall at the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington DC. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Massachusetts in Plant and Soil Sciences.

Ms. Jackie Takacs
Maryland Sea Grant Extension

Jackie is the Regional Watershed Restoration Specialist with University of Maryland Extension - Sea Grant Program located at the Upper Marlboro Research and Education Center.  Her programming focuses on watershed planning, project implementation, environmental education and aquaculture within Southern Maryland and across the State.  Jackie holds a Master’s degree in Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences from the University of Maryland.

Mr. Lloyd Traven
Peace Tree Farm, LLC

Lloyd Traven has been an industry specialist since the eighties working with USDA Certified Organic Wholesale Growers and Propagators.  His clientele include Longwood Gardens, Chanticleer, Scott Arboretum, Smithsonian, and New York Botanical Garden among a few. His work includes research on such special projects as pelleted seed product lines, and his writing includes articles in GMPro Magazine, and the OFA Bulletin.  Farmers, tunnel growers, greenhouses, and market gardens across North America have all used the starter plants that Peace Tree Farm propagates.

Mr. Robert Trumbule
Maryland Department of Agriculture

Bob has worked for the Maryland Department of Agriculture for nearly 30 years and for all of that time has been involved with programs that provide services to Maryland’s Green Industry. Bob was introduced at an early age to the world of agriculture by his parents and grandparents and worked as a young man in the nursery industry. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Maryland in Conservation and Resource Development with an emphasis on Botany and Plant Sciences. He pursued graduate studies, also at the University of Maryland, in Insect Ecology with a concentration on insect-plant interactions. This involved further study in the field of horticulture and led to graduate degree from the Department of Entomology. As fortune would have it, his formal education culminated in a job opportunity with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. He has served there since, in the Plant Protection and Weed Management program where he currently supervises the Nursery Inspection and Certification program.

Mr. Wayne White
American Pest

W. Wayne White is a Board Certified Entomologist and Director of Technical Services for American Pest, Fulton, MD., and is the past chair of the Copesan Technical Committee.  With more than 36 years in the pest management industry, Wayne has been involved in all aspects of pest management operations, including analysis of problem accounts, sales and development of pest management programs, and client education. His current responsibilities include technical training. As senior entomologist he serves as part of the American Pest IPM training team for the US Dept of State, conducting seminars around the world.  Wayne developed an interest in insects at an early age encouraged by a family friend who was a PhD entomologist in the Plant Protection Institute at United States Department of Agriculture.  That interest continued at the University of Maryland studying with Dr Gene Wood where he received his Bachelor of Science in Entomology in 1980.  Upon graduation, Wayne went to work for Suburban Pest Control in Hyattsville, MD., and then Allied Exterminating in Silver Spring, MD., before joining American Pest in 1982. Wayne is a member of The National Professional Pest Control Fraternity Pi Chi Omega and the Entomological Society of America.  He has contributed to PCT’s Tech Talk series and has made appearances on local and national news outlets promoting the industry and American Pest.

Mr. Tim Zastrow
Bartlett Tree Experts

Growing up in suburban Maryland, Tim first learned to appreciate trees and the world around him from his maternal grandfather who was an avid gardener and amateur naturalist in Syracuse, New York. When Tim was seven, his grandfather gave the family a Butternut seedling from a tree that he had started from a seedling in the 1930’s. The young tree was planted with love and lots of compost on his family’s property in Colesville, Maryland. Tim then watched it grow to maturity. While pursing a degree in Entomology at the University of Maryland, he started working in the field of arboriculture in 1985 for TreeMasters. In 2001 Bartlett acquired this company and Tim got the chance to combine his skill and experience with Bartlett’s advanced technical resources and robust safety and training programs. He is a Board Certified Master Arborist, a Maryland Licensed Tree Expert, a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, a Certified Tree Safety Professional, and a registered Consulting Arborist. Tim gets great pleasure every day helping organizations maximize tree benefits while minimizing tree risks.