Carville M. Akehurst Award Recipients

The Carville Milling Akehurst Award is given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments for the Maryland Nursery, Landscape and Greenhouse Association. Those who receive the award are praised for their dedication and leadership, which are true embodiments of the Association's ideals. We applaud those who have been awarded this honor for their service, and look forward to their many years of continued achievement in the Green Industry. 

Recipients over the years:

2018 - Tim Babikow
                     Babikow Greenhouses
2014 - Steve Black 
                      Raemelton Farm 
- Jim McWilliams
                       Maxalea, Inc. 

2011 - Hank Doong
                       Maryland Greenhouse Growers' Association and The Behnke Nurseries Co.
2006 - John Akehurst
                       Akehurst Landscape Service, Inc. 
2003 - Karl Fischer
                       Wye Nursery, Inc. 
2002 - Garet Bunting
                       Bunting's Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.