MNLGA Member Directory

Looking for a retail garden center, landscape architect, public garden, or landscape contractor in your area? Use our public directory linked below! (Please note that this directory is not the full listing of MNLGA members, just those who offer public services. If you have questions about a certain company that doesn't show in the directory, please call the MNLGA office at 410-823-8684)

Consumer Information

Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) Program

The Maryland Nursery, Landscape and Greenhouse Association (MNLGA) is an association of regionally located businesses engaged in the horticulture industry with interest in protecting and enhancing the quality of the Maryland's "green" industry. The MNLGA has a program in place that can help you, the consumer. The program, the Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) is a certification that qualifies the knowledge and skills of employees of Maryland businesses. Be sure to ask for CPH certification when preparing to hire a business and their services. For more information about CPH please visit the CPH page.

University of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center

The Maryland Home and Garden Information Center is tax-payer funded program run by the University of Maryland Extension program.  The program's purpose is to serve as a lawn and gardening resource to Maryland homeowners. The MNLGA encourages you all to check out the endless resources found on the website. Consumers may e-mail in gardening and lawn care questions and even include pictures with their questions. A new section has been added, Native Plants for home gardeners to raise awareness on the topic and help those get their gardens started. The UMD HGIC also has a youtube channel full of informative videos that would serve as a great resource. You will also find the Grow It Eat It  page which is a terrific resource for Marylanders growing their own affordable, healthy food.

Maryland's Best Program

The Maryland Department of Agriculture also promotes the "Maryland's Best" program, from which you may locate retail garden centers, farmers' markets, pick-your-own farms (fruit and Christmas trees) and many other great resources. The Maryland's Best Program strives to connect Maryland farmers with consumers just like you. The site is also advertising local nurseries and garden centers throughout the month. Learn more about the Maryland's Best program.