Plastics Recycling Programs

Below are references and links to plastics recycling programs. This list will be added to as knowledge of additional programs becomes available.

APC Recycling
David W. Wright, Sr.
203-589-6424 (cell)
[email protected]

 APC specializes in ag waste and scrap. No dispoal fees. APC offers free waste audits and no obligation quotes.   For more information. 

Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC)
Ron Perkins
Visit the website. 

The Ag Container Recycling Council (ACRC) is an industry funded not-for-profit organization that safely collects and recycles agricultural crop protection, animal health and specialty pest control product containers (Jugs and Drums).

Cindarn Packaging
Steve Wasserman
Visit the websitefor more information.

East Jordan Plastics

East Jordan has a comprehensive plastics recycling program. Visit the websitefor complete information.

Infinity Recycling

Infinity does not recycle agricultural plastics, but does have programs to recycle:

Office paper,
Aluminum cans, and
Non-ferrous scrap metal

Serves Maryland's Mid-Shore region. Visit the website. 


Maryland Department of Agriculture
Rob Hofstedder
Pesticide container recycling.
Visit the website

Maryland Recycling Network

The Maryland Recycling Network (MRN) represents individuals and organizations from every facet of recycling who join together to promote the 3 "R's" of recycling - sustainable reduction, reuse and recycling of materials otherwise destined for disposal. This site also includes recycling resources and county contacts
Visit the website. 

Owl Corporation
Visit the website. 

Full Scale Recycling Facility.

Premier Patriot Recylcing 
Dave Wright

Premier Patriot Recylcing is a brokerage that works with domestic and international end users. Referrals are available, and the company will always pay before the terms are due, and that payment will include freight pick up costs. Premier can even provide you with a free quote by simply sending them pictures, volume/weight, and your zip code. Premier Patriot Recycling has worked with some of the largest nurseries in the country, but also works with small to medium size farms and state government soil and ware commissions. 

UCS - Universal Commodity Services
Rich Pereira
SPC (Small Plastic Containter) Recyling Program: Bids on the purchasing of recyclable plastic film.
Visit the website. 

Ultra-Poly Corp
Connie Jones
570-897-7500, ext. 1201
Visit the website.

Ultra-Poly Corp is a large reprocessor servicing the East Coast. We have the capability of producing 170MM pounds of pellets annually on 9 extrusion lines; so we do not simply bale and export the Nursery Film. Ultra-Poly Corp has been in business 40 years with a stellar reputation in customer service, technology know how and delivery solutions that exceed expectation. We can also handle other agricultural plastics, such as mulch film, shrink/stretch film, irrigation tubing and flower pots.



US AgRecycling
Sam Gibson
Visit the website. 
Zook's Plastic Recovery
 717-656-4422 (leave a message and your call will be returned)
 Visit the website. 

New Jersey Department of Agriculture
New Jersey Department of Agriculture recycling program - Out-of-state growers can take used film to the Burlington County Occupational Training Center in Mt. Holly. Both white and clear nursery film and clear multi-season greenhouse covers can be recycled. Film must be free of lathing, staples, and saran. Loads containing other agricultural plastics, such as bags, mulch film, shrink film, stretch film, drip irrigation, or ground cover film, will be rejected at the collection sites. For more information, select here.