Chesapeake Green 2021 - Session Information

Keynote: Monday – February 15th
“Monday With Mike!” 

Challenges for 2021: Insect Invasions From Near and Far in a Warming World: Dr. Mike Raupp, University of Maryland
Time: 12:00 pm 
Description: Invasions aren’t always dangerous when you know how to manage them. Who better to talk bugs than the official “Bug Guy,” Dr. Mike Raupp? Dr. Raupp will cover invasive insects and how climate change challenges our natives while helping the invaders. He will specifically cover spotted lanternfly, a native cicada, and how to deal with what is coming this summer.

Tuesday – February 16th “Turf Tuesday”

Weed Management in Newly Established Turfgrass: Dr. Jeff Derr, Virginia Tech
Time: 12:00 pm 
Description: Dr. Derr will provide information on weed management options at seeding time and on newly established cool and warm season turfgrass. The control of problematic grass, sedge, and broadleaf weed species will be discussed.

Wednesday – February 17th “Don’t Be A Pest Wednesday!” 

Does Your Calibration Measure Up?Chuck Schuster, Retired UMD Extension
Time: 12:00 pm 
Description: Do you really know what you are applying? Are your records really reflecting what you are actually doing? Join Chuck Schuster to learn how to calibrate your equipment for accuracy each time.

Recertification Updates: Kelly Love, Maryland Department of Agriculture
Time: 1:15 pm  
Description: Kelly Love from the MDA will present the past season's data and upcoming laws that may affect nutrient management planners and pesticide applicators. Record keeping and training will be addressed. Attendance at this session is required for pesticide recertification credits.

Thursday – February 18th “Big Thinker Thursday” 

Management of Boxwood BlightDr. James LaMondia, Connecticut Ag. Experiment Station
Time: 12:00 pm  
Description: Boxwood blight - we know what it is us, but now how do we manage it? Dr. LaMondia will describe the biology and epidemiology of the pathogen. This research serves as the foundation for a management program including fungicides, sanitation, cultural controls and plant resistance/susceptibility.

Business Leader Roundtable: Surviving COVID
COVID-19: How Businesses Pivoted During Uncertain Times
: John Marshall (Marshalls’ Riverbank Nurseries); Alan Jones (Manor View Farm); Craig Ruppert (Ruppert Nurseries); Lisa Barton (Woodmont Country Club); Brian Riddle (Homestead Gardens); and Tom Watson (The Perennial Farm)
Time: 1:15 pm  
Description: When the pandemic hit, all businesses across the country were affected. A lot of businesses within our industry pivoted and started to offer services such as curbside pickup and online retail as they never had before. Learn from a few of the trailblazers in our association that took lemons and made lemonade this year. This will be an interactive panel with time for attendees to ask questions of the panelists.

Friday – February 19th “Floating Friday”

Water Quality Improvement Without Chemicals: Kelly Billing, Water Becomes a Garden
Time: 12:00 pm  
Description: Kelly Billing will provide practical alternatives to chemical controls for the improvement of water quality in ponds, lakes, and stormwater basins. Enhancing the natural processes, aeration, erosion control, floating wetlands and empowering plants to their full potential will make an easy transition from problem pond to a beautiful body of water. Kelly believes in denitrification through beautification!

Handouts from Kelly Billing